What is The Rack Workout Station and Who is Owen McKibbin?

The Rack workout station may look a little strange, but it promises big things. This simple contraption is designed to provide the user an all-in-one, all-over home fitness solution. So what is it exactly, and how does it work?

What is The Rack?

This is a compact home gym that features a system of metal crossbars, handles and wheels. Its frame is crafted from 1 ½-inch steel, and supports up to 300 pounds of weight. It features comfortable vinyl-covered foam handles and plastic wheels for floor exercises. It weighs a total of 30 lbs. and folds flat for easy storage.

This all-in-one gym is designed to work with old-school workout moves, using your own body weight for resistance. It claims to work seven different muscle groups and assist with 19 different exercises, including classics like dips, curls, sit-ups, push-ups, abs and rows. To do different moves, you simply turn or fold it in different directions. Included is a nutrition guide, fitness guide, owner’s manual, journal and seven different exercise DVDs. Weights designed specially to fit are available for purchase. A cheaper, lighter model is also available. The cheaper model weighs 23 lbs.

Owen McKibbin

Who is Owen McKibben?

The Rack's workout program was designed by fitness and lifestyle expert Owen McKibbin. Considered one of the world's top fitness models, McKibbin is committed to sharing his message of the importance of health and fitness with the general public. McKibbin (along with his famous perfectly-sculpted abs) has appeared 19 times on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine, and he has authored his own fitness book, "The Men's Health Cover Model Workout: Body-Sculpting Secrets of the World's Top Fitness Model."

Is it Awesome or Awesomely Over-Hyped?

Reviews are positive. Users appreciate the fact that they can work out in the comfort of their own home. They also love  the compact, space-saving size and the fact that it can be easily stored under a bed or sofa. The fact that it isn't very heavy is both a pro and a con--it makes it easy to use and store, but may be inadequate to provide resistance for the exercises where it is used like a barbell. 5 lb weights are sold separately for those who want to make it heaver. Up to 40 lbs can be added to increase resistance. Some users noted that the plastic wheels were prone to breaking, and that the shape made bicep curls awkward. In general, users loved the Owen McKibbin workouts, noting that they were intense, challenging, and delivered results. The general consensus among users was that this home gym is a great tool for core and strength training, dips and push-ups, and supplemental home strength training.

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  • Jeremy May 16, 2012, 3:33 pm

    Was skeptical at first.before looking at the week to week schedule of which dvds to do day by day,I tried for hell if it all dvds back to back in first day since it was only 30 pounds.that was a mistake,lol,sore for few days .but anyways using it 4 or 5 days a week mixing dvds together like in daily/weekly dvds, I’ve noticed that yes it has made improvements after a month using it,especially on the beer belly lol.already looking forward to seeing longer more intense workout dvds I hope later.

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